Praline and Truffle Christmas Tree Box 12pcs

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Twelve pieces of Läderach’s exquisite pralines in a wooden Christmas tree box engraved with the lace-like silhouettes of Swiss traditional paper cutting.

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The Praline and Truffle Christmas Tree Box contains the following praline flavours:

  • Praline Star Almond- A white chocolate star filled with almond gianduja and topped with a decorated milk chocolate lid.
  • Praline Star Hazelnut- A milk chocolate star filled with hazelnut gianduja and topped with a decorated dark chocolate lid.
  • Läderach Seal Milk- A classic Läderach praline filled with dark truffle atop a nougatine base.
  • Trois Freres- Three caramelised hazelnuts coated with the finest hazelnut gianduja, covered in smooth milk chocolate.

Praline and Truffle

Almonds, antioxidant (tocopherol-rich extract E306), barley malt (gluten), butter (milk), caramel, clarified butter (milk), coating agent (shellac E904), cocoa butter , cocoa paste, cocoa powder, cocoa powder low-fat, coffee, colouring (anthocyanins E163, carotenes E160a, gold powder E175, titanium dioxide E171, curcumin E100, cochineal E120 & norbixin E160b) , cream (milk), desiccated coconut, dextrose, egg white powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin E322 (soya) & sunflower lecithin E322), flavouring (caramel, vanilla, vanillin), fructose, glucose, ground vanilla, hazelnuts, honey, humectant (sorbitols E420, invertase E1103), invert sugar syrup. lactose (milk), maltodextrin, milk protein, natural flavour, natural flavouring substances (vanilla), pistachios, preservative (sorbic acid E200), raising agent (sodium carbonates E500), salt, salt (fleur de sel), skim milk, skimmed milk powder, sugar, thickening agent (gum arabic E414), tree nuts (walnuts), vegetable fats (coconut, palm kernel, palm, sunflower, rapeseed), vegetable oils (coconut, palm kernel, palm, sunflower, rapeseed), water, wheat flour (gluten), whey (milk), whole milk powder

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